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Das Wort Cranio handschriftlich geschrieben

Craniosacral practitioner in training at the  School of Craniosacral Touch ® .


The craniosacral method developed from osteopathy: Dr. William Garner Sutherland, an American osteopath, discovered the mobility of the cranial sutures and from this a subtle, fundamental body rhythm. This is reflected in the movements of the structural water of man and underlies all other systems.

Craniosacral treatment focuses on the craniosacral system, which extends from the skull (lat. cranium) to the sacrum (lat. os sacrum). Biodynamic craniosacral therapy aims to empower the body and mind to reveal one's story through the gift of mindfulness. The focus is on an alignment towards the healthy that is inherent in every body: the activation of self-healing powers.


A treatment lasts between 50 and 70 minutes, during which the recipient lies comfortably on their back, fully clothed. She remains passive, letting things happen while I gently place, feel and feel my hands on different parts of the body.


In the words of craniosacral therapist Ramraj Löwe: "What is important is that we simply perceive what is - without wanting, without expectation and without fear, without internally reaching out, interfering or interfering."*


For further information and appointments** I am available at
+43 660/ 81 81 789 or

**In Abhängigkeit von der momentanen Covid-Situation, aktuelle Informationen dazu hier.

*Aus: Löwe, Ramraj: „Der inneren Weisheit vertrauen. Eine Einführung in die craniosacrale Methode“. Verlag Aurum: Kamphausen 2020


Mafalda Rakos

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