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Das Wort Play Fight handschriftlich geschrieben

Play Fight is a physical and mental practice that combines dance and martial arts. Play Fight was founded by Bruno Caverna, who incorporated his influences from Capoeira, Contact Improvisation and Sistema (Russian martial arts) in this work. The partner exercises focus on perceiving, recognizing and transforming lifelong accumulated tensions and stored blockages towards physical and psychological self-empowerment. Through radial honesty, in a playful and very focused practice, you practice being in connection with yourself, a partner and gravity.

Play Fight has been in my life since 2016 when I met Bruno at "Impulstanz". Since then my commitment has been growing steadily and has had a lasting impact on my life. What appeals to me about Play Fight (still) is the deep connection with myself AND others. On the one hand, I see myself very clearly and on the other hand, Play Fight contains wonderful and life-affirming moments with others. So far I have not known any movement practice that gives me such a holistic feeling of vitality and nourishes me on so many different levels.

For those interested, there is more information, videos and testimonials here:
Play Fight Practice


Marina Pereira

Clementine Telefort

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