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Das Wort Yoga handschriftich geschrieben

My journey with yoga started a few years ago. Then I had the desire to do a yoga teacher training, which I have been doing since October 2020. Here I am extremely inspired by my teacher, Eva Karel, who, with her undogmatic approach, offers (me) a wonderful opportunity to tackle my inner drive with humor and a wink.  

Eva's approach is about arriving in the body feeling, moving far from the pain limit in the leeway and gradually expanding this leeway without gnashing your teeth. You can find more information about her approach at  Eva Karel | Hotbed for yoga, text & image

When I teach yoga or practice it myself, it's not about achieving anything, but about experiencing anew in every moment how it feels in my body. It's about the way I speak to myself on the mat (and off), about kindness and about acknowledging the imperfections in and around me.  


I wish that yoga remains something that does me good, that is not just another to-do, but something that I return to again and again with curiosity and joy. Yoga as "the way is the goal". 

Open your heart, let yourself sink, draw strength from inside.  


I teach yoga in the finest "Om, Oida" manner!
You can find information about this  here .


Mafalda Rakos

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