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Sa., 26. Nov.



Play Fight Vienna

two whole days to dive deeper into the practice! Teaching alongside the fantastic Ester Braga (IT)

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Play Fight Vienna
Play Fight Vienna

Zeit & Ort

26. Nov. 2022, 09:30 – 27. Nov. 2022, 19:00

Wien, Keinergasse 19, 1030 Wien, Österreich

Über die Veranstaltung


The class will weave a journey through different exercises, eventually flowing into the free play. Focusing on reawakening awareness upon stored unnecessary tensions and dysfunctional patterns of reactions, we will gradually move beyond the field of mere physicality to embrace all aspects of the being. Only when we are able to recognise how much tension we accumulate in our system, by releasing, we can transform the tension into real power.

To “stop doing” allows the body to re-function organically and efficiently, while the mind starts interfering less and less at each step we take. Through the other, with the other, we can flow, embrace the challenge, discovering further about who we are not; eventually embodying a state of non-resistance, towards ourselves first.

Main Topics include:

falling as a state of being gravity practice non-resistance quality preserving structural integrity connection, with or without the physical contact work with and through fears confrontation & collaboration play as inherent fundamental quality

More info, calendar, material: --------------------------------------------- WHERE Probenlokal der neuen Oper Wien, Keinergasse 19, 1030 Wien

WHEN 26 – 27 November 2022 Saturday: 09.30 registrations 10.00 - 13.30 play-fight class 13.30 - 14.30 break 14.30 - 18 play-fight class Sunday: 10 – 17.00 play-fight class (with one hour break) From 17.00 – 19.00 Free Jam!!*

FEE : 5 early bird spots at 150€ regular price: sliding scale between 180€ and 200€ * The Jam is free for the participants and to others we ask a donation between 5 and 15€.

For registration, write to:

** booking & cancellation policy: Only through the Deposit we can consider your place booked. In case of cancellation the Deposit cannot be refunded but a replacement can be arranged or the amount can be reinvested in another event by Formless Arts.

The Facilitators: Ester Braga - Her background of experiences and interests mainly interconnects intensive training in contemporary dance and floor-work, contact improvisation, instant composition, with her later studies into yoga, postural and somatic practices. She met Bruno Caverna in 2014, first through Liquid Body, later through Play-Fight; a mind-blowing encounter which since then has been at the foundation of her journey, in life and profession. Ester currently works as manager for Formless Arts and as Play-Fight Facilitator while consistently following workshops and events, aware of navigating through a life-long journey of challenging yet revealing body-mind explorations and uplifting interactions. At the moment she is also deepening her research in the line between Play-Fight & Contact Improvisation and integrating her important experience in the Yoga panorama within Formless Arts activities, connecting the approach from the very essence of Formless Arts philosophy.

Lena Maya Turek - Lena started her research into dance and movement at a young age, exploring various styles in her early years. In recent years, her main focus has been contemporary dance, contact improvisation, floorwork and somatic practices, such as Qi Gong or craniosacral therapy. She studied dance pedagogy in Vienna and Community Dance in London, relating to movement and dance as a tool for every-body. Her first encounter with Bruno Caverna happened in 2016 through the Becoming Animal practice and later the Play Fight practice. Since then, she has been following and studying Play Fight, using it as a way of relating to life, both on and off the dance space. This has been a vital support in understanding patterns, resistances and openings inside the body and the mind. Since 2019 she is facilitating the Play Fight Study Group in Vienna, always continuing to learn more and more about internal and external movements, both in herself and in others.

Both Lena & Ester are also about to complete the formation as craniosacral therapist in biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

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